By Bom

Hanging Basket Flowers

Well actually my hanging basket is sitting on the ground at the moment as it was swinging around too much in the windy weather and banging into the wall, so I've temporarily taken it down. At least that gave me a chance to take a photo of the little flowers for blip. This morning I walked into town first thing to go to the bakery, I noticed on the walk home that the 6 people in total serving inside the two butchers and fishmonger weren't wearing a face mask - I give up! Then I drove over to Homebase to pick up some stepping stones. I've also been doing more sorting of things and painting of woodwork. And of course I've been watching the tennis, unfortunately Thiem just double faulted on match point against Djokovic!

Day 251 / Day 17 of Lockdown 2 (for my record only)
UK deaths up 341 to 54,626* (revised basis), with 19,875 new cases, 16,390 patients in hospital and 1,421 on ventilation (* total reported 1 less than if you add today's increase on yesterday's total). Globally cases to date pass 58m, up 1m in less than 48 hours. Daily deaths in Italy are regularly in the 600s. A former CSA says re xmas that 'it doesn't make sense to have big parties', I hope Boris listens as we've yet to get into the part of the year when viruses like flu thrive best. People with a weakened immune system can't always have a vaccine and the UK is to be the first country to do clinical trials on a coronavirus antibody treatment to help protect them. On the first day of mass testing in Merthyr Tydfil, a woman attended whose partner died yesterday. She said 'It's our duty to come up, and help the community. If we don't do it we're never going to get rid of this coronavirus, we've got to try to help my grandchildren, my children, my family.' Well said. 

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