The Hazyland Boys

By TheHazylandBoys

Puppy Training Show

In normal years.... years without Corona, I mean...... we bring our puppies out to shows and take them into the puppy class as often as possible, so they get used to the show environment and feel confident working in the ring. This year we haven't had many shows, so puppies growing up this year miss out on important show training. 

So today we met with 5 other owners of future dancing dogs for a puppy class training show.

We made a ring, had music and tried to make everything look like a proper competition. One of the handlers even brough prizes for all the puppies ❤

There was also a delicious lunch, cake and chocolate! 

We had a fabulous afternoon and the pups got to play and train. 

I started an hour early and trained with Gollum in the morning, so he is happy too :-)

I have two tired dogs now - tired from 2 great days filled with fun and adventures.

Happy weekend
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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