By davidc

Silly Saturday

I know we’re only running Silly Saturday on an organised basis on the first Saturday of each month, but that’s no reason to avoid doing silly blips on other Saturdays, always of course in memory of Admirer. So here’s mine today.

On my morning bliphunt walk I came across this discarded television in some undergrowth. “That’s silly place for a TV” I thought. I’m still wondering exactly why it was there. Two possibilities come to mind:

1) It’s a defunct TV and someone fly tipped it as they couldn’t be bothered to take it to the tip. This is probably the most likely explanation, but in that case why is it partly (albeit rather scrappily) wrapped in clingfilm? And there’s a label on it about 8K QLED TVs – does that apply to it, and anyway why have they stuck it there?

2) It had been stolen in a burglary, quickly wrapped in clingfilm and carried away – but the culprits heard someone coming and quickly chucked it here so as not to be caught red-handed. But if so, why bother to stick the label on it about the 8K TV?

Anyway I decided not to investigate it further by picking it up: I didn’t want to be silly and leave my fingerprints on it in case somehow I was then accused of stealing it! I don’t think the UK police have my fingerprints on record, but who knows? The Americans and the Chinese definitely do following my trips there!

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