A beautiful 45 degree day today (7.2C). I walked around the neighborhood and had taken earmuffs, gloves and a scarf along but didn't need to use them, as with the sun it was really pleasant. After lunch Tom & I went over to Sheridan Park and found lots of geese both on land & in the water. I caught several geese coming in for landings, and when I heard all the noise behind me & turned around to look, there must have been about 25 more geese all walking out of the woods, single file, crossing the path, and heading for the water, like a big parade! If you look off in the distance in my photo, the darker blue is all Lake Michigan, so you can see how close it is to the lagoon. I'm wondering if they're around the lagoon instead of the lake because it's warmer than the lake water, or maybe the food supply is easier to catch. And what the heck were they all doing in the woods? hmmmm.     :)

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