By momcat1

Great Blue

Pleasantly surprised to see this heron land across the pond as we walked the trails at Cole Park. Terror of frogs and fish everywhere, the great blue heron stalks his was through the water's edge. I hope he found lunch, frogs should be in short supply right now! 
Je is heavily cropped and this was shot through hemlocks as there was quite a drop off on this edge of the trail.
And I did receive my D850 , and frankly so far I am afraid to use it . It is at least 5 x as complicated as my D90. I am using the excuse that I don't have an SD card for it. ( cue the sheepish look).
In other news- locally the corona virus numbers are up slightly to the 500's again. My husband picked up dinner at one of the bar restaurants that has an exceptional menu for a bar ( ex:ahi tuna tacos with sriracha aioli) and he said it was probably 80% capacity. Last time we do take out there. Also the local police broke up a student party with about 100 people attending. Denial is not a wonderful thing. Mask up social distance and stay safe!

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