North Third

Ticked another Reservoir of Lockdown off the list. North Third is only a few miles away and is somewhere I've walked fairly often in the past. But that walk has always been along the crag above the water. Until today I'd never done the circular walk which takes you along the waterline and over the dam before the scramble up to the crags. I'd taken my walking pole with this scramble in mind. I was glad I had it at that point but even more so as we walked in prodigious mud. We really were filthy when we returned to the car. Flora of course was caked in mud. But what a great walk. Not that far in the number of steps (fewer than 10K) but a lot of energy expended.

That was a good use of a couple of hours in the morning. A couple of family zooms to come, a more sedate dog plod at the end of the afternoon and time with my book this evening. A good day.

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