Lost in Thought

By steveng

Door Handles (EB)

An odd jobs day today, which involved me tidying the garage as it holds a variety of things which really should go to the tip recycling centre but the restricted opening makes that difficult.  So ... a set of old internal doors which have been removed from our upstairs, have had all of their metalwork removed so they can at least be stacked together flat and not take up too much room.  They might just possibly be of some use somewhere so I am loathe to put the circular saw to them just yet.  These are some of the door handles,  all cheap & cheerful brass plating and largely worn out.  They can go to the metals recycling at some point.

Converted to mono to make them at least a little more interesting.

Watched Scotland France this afternoon,  followed by a Zoom with the children and the inevitable what might we like to do at Christmas conversation.  At one point woke culture was mentioned,  I still don't quite follow what it means* but as I shoot the occasional monochrome film image and put some of them on Instagram,  I am apparently - woke!

Aside from the rugby - hope you had a more exciting day :-)

* I know Barack Obama has said it is not a good thing,  so perhaps I should not worry about it!

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