Every Picture Tells .....


True Grit


I headed up to Norland Moor just before sunrise on what is probably the coldest day of autumn so far this year. It’s the first time I haven’t rolled my sleeves up and if it gets any colder a hat and gloves will be in order.

It’s not easy running on the moorland paths but I managed 7 km in just over 40 mins whilst listening to news of the Oxford vaccine on R4 Today. Apparently only 62% efficiency on the main test and 90% on the half-dose test (70% overall) although some optimism in reducing severity and transmission.

A couple of extras from my run - I wasn’t really sure which to use for the main blip as there’s a limit to how many times I can use the pond on the moor.

Many thanks for all the hearts and stars on yesterday’s Lamb Hill blip.

Hope it’s a good day for all in blipland.

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