By Freyjad

Great Tit

I just had a good hour free this morning to go out and see what I could blip;  I'd arranged that I'd telephone my SIL this afternoon to catch up on news - although there's very little of it, personally I mean.  Nevertheless we found no trouble in chatting away for an hour yet when Jack asked me what we'd talked about I couldn't really tell him;  we'd talked non-stop yet neither of us had said much that was memorable. :-)

I'd wanted to do the MM challenge today but it didn't work out with time constraints such as they were but although I often think I don't particularly want to blip Great Tits as they're so plentiful, I still have to admit they're one of our prettiest native birds.

Thank you for stopping by and for the comments, stars and Hrts left for yesterday's blip -  I'm pleased you liked it.

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