By dfb24

Shape and Form in Landscape...Water...

...todays theme for MonoMonday, and thanks to random_angel for hosting this week.
I was up at 05:45 this morning--not by choice--but I had to pick up the last of the groceries I need for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, & since the stores are always crazy busy the week of Thanksgiving, I went at 6:00 when they opened. I zipped through and got everything I needed, then ran over to Walmart to get some packing materials. I'll need to wrap and pack up the gifts for our family in Arkansas so I can mail them out the beginning of next week. All the commercials are saying if you want packages to arrive on time to send them early, as so many more people are shipping gifts since they aren't travelling. I took Tom to have his labs drawn, then we stopped at Grant Park on the way home so I could take some "water" shots, of which this was my favorite. (I've put the colored version in the extras in case you're like me and prefer colored to mono, but to post it as the main blip kind of defeats the purpose of MONO Monday, right? LOL.)  Hope you all have a great start to the week. :)

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