MonoMonday: Shape & Form in the Landscape - Water

Random_angel is hosting MM today, and the focus this week is on water.

I went round by Killingworth Lake on my morning walk and captured this stitched pano shot of the East Lake. I like the way the pano shows the shape of the whole lake, along with the angles of the Leisure Centre (currently closed due to lockdown!) on the right, and also the shapes of the tree branches, the streetlights, the distant houses, the aerial mast - and the clouds!

Here's a laugh for you (I don't mind if you giggle at my poor powers of observation!). I took several other photos, spending a lot of the time looking through the viewfinder, pondering the various shapes and forms I could see across the water. It was only after I got home and looked at the photos on the computer that I spotted a photobombing heron on the far bank! Silly me (although I didn't have my long lenses with me so I wouldn't have got a good shot of it anyway). See if you can spot it on the extra - where my attention was taken by the rather nice reflection of the ripples on the triangular window of the Leisure Centre. In all the many times I've been to the lake I've only seen the heron once before.

Orpheus the Owl says a big thankyou for all your love for his photo in my blip yesterday. He's very chuffed, he didn't expect to get to the top row of Page 2 of the Popular Pages.

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