Lockdown No2 - Day 22

Winter sundown...

A very cold and foggy morning, the sun didn’t manage to break through until 1pm. In the garden this afternoon the temperature only managed to climb up to 3 degrees! And now we have a yellow weather warning for fog, lasting right through until midday tomorrow. It’s already a real pea-souper out there at 7pm, the thickest fog I’ve seen for a very long time.

A busy morning of paperwork, and an afternoon trip to the post office in a neighbouring village, blipping the winter sun from a moving car on the way home. And a day of sad news: a family friend, a friend’s husband, and another friend’s cat, her sole companion. 

This morning we learned that as of next Wednesday we will be in Tier 2 Covid restrictions, like most of the country. We’re actually very lucky, as we live only two miles from the Bristol border, and half a mile from the South Gloucestershire border, both regions having been moved up to Tier 3. 

After all today’s news, I shall be choosing an uplifting film to watch at the cinema this evening, and there will be popcorn! (Ended up watching the film ‘Get Low’)

Take care, stay safe and well...

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