Mother's bear

I am now the guardian of Rupert my Mother's teddy Bear, he is a Merrythought Hygienic Toy made in England.
I will have him restored as I did with my Grandmother's teddy.

Understandably after a day looking through family memorabillia yesterday and helping my Mother get rid of things I feel very emotional and reflective today. It's not the things per se but the memories and the reminder that time is passing all too fast....

I went to the lensbury and the boys went in the pool for 2 hours while I did a body balance class, I met my lovely friend Jo there and had a chat and lunch with the kids.

Been answering emails since I got back and preparing for my trip to Ekaterinburg tomorrow, I fly at 8.35 am but as we live quite near the airport I won't have to leave till 6, I have a show there on Saturday.

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