Marking Time

By Libra

Hip Op

Woke this morning to see mist over the Allan Glen and I wondered fearfully what the day would bring.
M was on the phone at 8.30 am giving me instructions.
More to the point would he have his operation for a fractured hip today? It would all depend on what emergencies had come in overnight. A friend rung to say she had heard on the radio of a big car crash up in Lochearnhead.
The day drifted by and stills no news. I left to go to the hospital at 2.30 to deliver some of M’s personal stuff.
No visitors allowed and screening is very tight in Larbert hospital, an overflow for Covid patients from Glasgow. 
Normally visitors are only allowed to leave stuff on Tuesdays and Thursdays between designated times and its put into big metal crates . Each ward has its own day for drop offs in order to reduce cross infection.
But as M was admitted yesterday as an emergency the hospital rules were relaxed. 
A nurse popped down from his ward to collect the bag.
“He’s away,” she said.
“What do you mean?”
“Gone to theatre.”
Imagine my relief at 7 o clock tonight when the phone rang.
It was M.
“I’m back.” Yes he was groggy, but alive.
Photo: view from kitchen window.

PS Thank you all for your good wishes and kind thoughts, do apologise for not answering them all but I am sure you will understand.

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