Rosa 'The Fairy'

Not a good start for me this morning. My heart decided miss beats making me very dizzy. The GP couldn't see my until 4pm. I had to miss my Acupuncture appointment as I couldn't drive as I felt too unsafe. John took me to my Physio appointment at the hospital at 11.30 and thank goodness the heart was just about back to its rhythm. And I wasn't so dizzy.

I now have splits for both hands which I can wear when ever I feel I need to. Don't have to have them all the time. I was told they may not help but to try them and see. Also she noticed when she was fitting them my right hand which is the arm with the finger problem.. It is 6cm bigger than the left and I am left handed. She was a bit concerned about it. She finds my case very interesting.. said she read all the specialist notes. I wasn't given any exercises yet as they may do more damage than good. So will wait and see what the tests show first.

I wanted to cancel my GPs appointment at 4pm as things had settled a bit but had to wait until the GP called me to discus what was happening. He seemed to think I should kept it but said he wasn't too worried about the symptoms.

Rosa 'The Fairy'  is a polyantha rose bearing stems of masses of small pale pink, double flowers with a very mild fragrance from late spring through summer. 

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