A Miserable Day...

..both the weather and my mood.

Last night as I was getting up from my chair - something in my right knee gave way - with a very loud crack and excruciating pain.

Fortunately I had previously administered some anaesthetic in the form of home brewed beer.

By bedtime the knee was swollen and still quite painful.

So today I have been hobbling around, dosed up with painkiller and anti inflammatory drugs. So frustrating as I haven’t been able to get out for a walk - which would have been quite depressing anyway as it is pouring with rain.

I popped out into the garden for a soggy blip of this fern - even with my little LED panel the ISO is at 6400! Not a great photo, I’m afraid, but I have no appetite for much else today.

Hoping against hope that I can get out tomorrow - not even reached 1,000 steps by mid afternoon today (less than 10% of daily target). I still have 137 miles left to do to complete my 2000 miles challenge before the end of the year.

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