... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Indoor Blip: "0 Duck Friends"

More synthwave-y in large
Extra: Synths in

I didn't name this patch! Nor did I arrange the letters "I J K"... "no jk lol"
"0 Duck Friends" is the first preset on my ZOIA modular effects pedal/synth; I've used the box for effects previously, but had totally underappreciated its power and flexibility as a boxed modular platform. SO, lots of ideas, but I'm now experimenting with using it to analyse incoming signals (audio or control), and to modulate the sound of the Moog in response, which seems like it might be fun for generative electronic music.

I spent time today both exploring sounds and planning a rewiring scheme (with a view to plugging Imogen's electric cello in, amongst other ideas), so I just photographed colourful cables and blinky lights in my search for a hand-safe blip.
I was struggling to choose between this and my extra, so I went with the ducky one given that my outside activity for the day was cleaning out the ducks (and holding Flügel).
After rearranging the wiring (later in the week), the colourful cables won't look nearly so natty, but hey ho... They're hidden in the dark under the table anyway.

More colours here (or right from Colourful cables)

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