A lovely Twinsday

Lex and I went down to visit with the boys today and it was delightful.  They've grown so since I last saw them three weeks ago and they play so much more actively now.  Sam has two teeth and Max one, and they would grab my finger and gum it.  I gave Max his bottle and fed him his oatmeal and took lots of photos while they were in their play space.  In the main Blip, you see Max engaging with this feet while Sam looks on.  In Extra are Sam, arms out, with a big smile, and Max engrossed with one of the toys on his little gym.  When they were settling down prior to napping, I read to them.

It was great to be there and our presence made it possible for Manda and Andrew to hang their Christmas lights knowing the boys would be looked after if necessary.  Two of the walls in their main living space are all window, and the little lights look lovely.

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