Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Old crocks

Popped into 'Mary's Meals' this morning while down in town.  Had a good look through the books, but didn't see anything I wanted. They're only allowing a few people in at one time, so we had to wait outside for a while. Even then, the boy standing outside to direct people was looking the other way when someone came out so we had to wake him up.

At least we got a good browse in the window and thought that this cup and saucer was a touch pricey. Having Googled it when we got home we almost went back to buy it - there were quite a few for sale online, but all at least twice that price, sometimes quite a bit more. 

Quote of the Day:

Bookshop sign - "Dinosaurs didn't read - now they're extinct. Coincidence?"

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