By Pinkhairedlady

Doggy daycare

Big day for Phin today as he visited a local doggy daycare to allow him to socialise with other puppies. The staff had suggested he’d be too excited to eat any lunch but he is a Labrador after all! (See extra for his position this evening). He is so tired he’s snoring on the sofa.

Meanwhile I put in another shift at the charity HQ where we had a very good day as the volunteers had been before and were very quick workers. Collected by Mr PHL just after 4 and home to make tacos fur tea. They’re such an easy dinner as there is very little cooking involved. I really enjoyed putting the shells in the oven to heat as we had both ovens cleaned professionally yesterday and they are both sparking and look like new.

Time for a hot bath to warm me up before watching a bit of tv. Casting around for a blip for Tiny Tuesday and I saw this tiny book (3inches high) - it’s my dads copy of Paradise LOST. Published in 1797 I’m apprehensive at handling it too much. Thanks to Carol_Dunham for hosting.

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