Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Full Moon Going Down

I like to think of this morning full moon carrying our good friend Tom to a peaceful place.  He died yesterday …     It was his time…but such a hard time in the world to comfort the ones left behind.  (his wife firend/blipper  Mike..mnnaylor)    We will miss him.  (photo in the extra from the island 3 years ago. today)

A very (too) full day.  Walk, book club zoom ….we talked about James Herriot seemed the “right “ thing to read right now.  But also good to see everyone (but one) and how they are coping and responding to the pandemic in very different ways.

Then Fiona tuesday.. no question she gives us a lift ..I’m glad we have a grandchild young enough.  She read us a new book she is writing..her version of Harry Potter, with Dallas, the female “Harry”,  as well as a chapter of “Out of My Mind:”    AND did a race with the small Swedish figures we sent over as was her tradition here for years since she was very young.  There will be a race every tuesday she says.  Terrible photos but they are in the extra… her other grandfather on the East coast would miss it if I didn’t post some.

And then a short glass of wine and appetizers with good friends R and D  social distanced outside around their new propane fire heater… it was still pretty cold, but who can resist such a lovely invitation.   


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