Tier 3 Day1

We have gone from Lockdown 2 to tier 3, so after a month of going hardly anywhere and doing almost nothing, we are now worse off! 
Well not really but I don't care about going to a pub or having a dinner party, I just want to go and see my grandchildren.  However the non essential shops are allowed to reopen today. Yippee. Oh but wait a minute most of them have gone into administration. I'm ready and waiting with my sleeve rolled up ready for the new vaccines, not holding my breath though.

This little fungus grows on the grass verge opposite our house. I think it's fascinating, though not uncommon. Not very sharp as it was almost dark by the time I remembered to take the photo. I was waving my phone torch around at it in an attempt to get some illumination. 
It is wild for wild Wednesday. Thanks Cailleach who , er,  keeps count of the weeks!

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