A rather grey and soggy day here today in Essex! Little chilly too! But that didn't deter me from heading out locally for a stroll! I had some bits to send off at the Post Office, which was thankfully empty!, so once I'd got rid of that I headed to the local creek to see what was about and saw a few ducks and this egret.  There was even an egret wandering around the local park which is nearby so he obviously fancied greener surroundings this morning!

I then headed to Benfleet Downs for a woodland walk which was nice - the rain couldn't get through the trees so that was a bonus! Very deserted up there though and not much wildlife to be spotted! They'd sensibly stayed dry somewhere!

And on the walk back I found a new little clothes shop by the train station, so I did my bit for local business and popped in and bought a couple of jumpers! This saves me searching endless sites online now for something that catches my eye!

No snow here yet.. just wet rain!

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