By karenmace25


The birds waited patiently today while the squirrels got first dibs on the bird table peanuts! There's definitely a pecking ( no pun intended!) order and the chubby squirrels are at the top of it!  Luckily I put enough out at various times to keep them all happy! Think I spotted a blackcap out there today too so need to keep watch - and camera ready!

Ventured out with my parents today as I had an appointment with my homeopath - she took one look at me and knew I wasn't with it just from my eyes!  Hopefully a new plan of attack with pills can perk me up a bit! Then we had to stop off at the garden centre on the way home to get some vouchers - it was rammed!! Definitely not my favourite place to be at this time of year haha! Roll on January/February when they're empty and just have gardening folk in them!!

And made a start on xmas card writing this afternoon! Every year i say I'm not going to write as many and then fail!  Hopefully all the stamps will be saved for the charity I help collect them up for - if you save your used postage stamps please send them our way.... Please save your stamps for the Bone Cancer Research Trust! We can turn used postage stamps from the UK or around the world, horizon labels and stamp collections into vital funds. Please save as many as you can and send them to Terri Bush (Stamp Lady), 20 Bowers Road, Benfleet, Essex, England, SS7 5PZ. For more information, please email: charitystampappeal@gmail.com

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