Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

The first snow of winter

I woke this morning to a light covering of snow - I really must get that roof mended! Mrs M waited a while before driving down to the shops, but it snowed quite a bit while she was out and when she came home she left the car down beside the garage at the roadside. It can stay there until snow is off the menu again!
After lunch I took the camera and walked up to McCaig’s Tower. I feel so lucky that I can be looking out over one of the finest views anywhere within ten minutes of leaving the house, and that’s if I don’t meet anyone! There wasn’t as much snow as I’d expected – the mountains of Mull were reasonably covered, but in the shade – the light was on the town instead.
As I walked down to the viewing platform Misha the friendly cat was sitting under a shrub and came out when I spoke to her. I wonder if she’s ever at home! Maybe she’s fed up with too much attention being given to her more famous housemate, Parsley!
That was the good picture! The extra, the bad picture, shows the huge puddle on the viewing platform. I pulled the seat away from the wall to allow visitors to walk to the higher section without getting their feet wet. I mentioned this to the council Technical Officer when we had a meeting up there a few days ago and he said he would get it fixed, so I hope he does!
Quote of the Day:
Sigmund Freud - “Time spent with cats is never wasted.” 

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