Life with Alice

By elirin


Mum said a few weeks ago that it might be hard to find a dog Advent calendar this year because of you know what. But then she found first one, then two more and then finally the best one and she got them all! So now I’ve got - four! 

She said I could have two. What? What about the other two?? And I wasn’t allowed my first choice. Something about wrong size of chews for small dogs. I did get two great ones though! I get to open one - Meaty treats - with mum’s morning coffee and the other - Cupid and Comet - with her afternoon coffee. Happy!

I also have a pretty good tip for all my canine and feline Blipfriends. If you want to get your mum or dad a special Christmas gift, there is this online store that has a “Buy with one click” option. When your human has left a tablet open on a webpage with the desired item, just press your paw to this icon and Wham! you’ve ordered it! There are other good shops too. I assume.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

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