By Viewpoint

Clear blue sky and brilliant reflections

...  in the Millpond at Worsbrough.  I had a lovely walk with Jan on a beautiful but cold day.  For me it was a chance to put two different walks together on either side of the MI motorway and to find out what was in the space between that I’ve not walked before.

The highlight of my afternoon was seeing Willow-tits by the bridge on the end of Worsbrough reservoir hs we headed back from the walk.  I’ve been over that bridge many, many times before and read the information board saying they were an endangered species and that Worsbrough wetlands were an ideal habitat for them, but this was a first for me.  I think there were probably three flying around.

I had a dentist appointment in the morning, so Worsbrough wasn’t far for me to drive and jan was happy to meet me there.

My extra is also a bird story in that this female Mallard had one newly hatched duckling at her feet.  Chance of survival?  Well!  It’s now got much colder, with heavy rain this afternoon and there are lots of predators around.

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