Sorting out Jan's Print Collection

... I came across these three that were the work of other printmakers.  Because they are on thin Japanese silk/ mulberry paper their corners are creased, though I've managed to iron out the worst of them.  

I've sorted through 100's of prints that I brought home with me from her house - most were in a large plastic box but some were in folders and art cases.  It's been a mammoth undertaking.  So far I've listed 104 to go into `The Under the Bed Sale' at the Cupola gallery in Sheffield (it happens after Christmas).  There are hundreds more - some of them very good, some little more than try-outs and experiments.  Some that are very good and familiar and others that I don't think I've seen before.  She ought to have had an exhibition and not just the Open Studios exhibition that we all took part in.  At least I've managed to sort out the bits of paper that could go into the recycling bin.  I've been wondering about packing some of the prints up as lucky-dip sets - maybe 5 for £20 - I'm just not sure.  I just think I'm coming to the end of what I can cope with.  (The money will go partly to the gallery and partly to charity.)

I missed a day yesterday and have no photo to put in.  I was due to meet Pixelfoto and Guy for lunch as they were passing quite close to me and my car let me down - I have a courtesy light that somehow seems to be left on (I don't understand it) and it drains the battery if no-one spots it.  I haven't been out in the car at night, so I have no reason to switch on that light.  Maybe there is a fault somewhere.  Very frustrating.  Gary got me going again with a spare battery and he took mine home to charge.  He's going to test it to see if I need a new one.  Thank you Gary. 

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