Found in the wood in the snow

Once I'd fed the birds and managed to thaw an area of the pond out so they could drink, I managed a walk in Ayton Wood  with my camera.   I'd also made arrangements with Pixelfoto for tomorrow as they will be passing close to where I live, so we said we'd have some lunch together.

I've also been sorting more of Jan's prints this afternoon.  I've now got 62 listed, so I thought a phone call to the Cupola Gallery would stop me thinking that we might have too many for them to cope with (they run a kind of jumble sale for art work after Christmas, called,  `The Under the Bed Sale'.  I ended up being reassured and also told that I can start to list the ones on paper in a simpler way as long as they have a number and price on them, so I think I can do that with a soft graphite pencil.  So it's feeling a bit more manageable.

Acknowledgements to GG.  I was trying her technique of using multiple exposure to build up the pattern of leaves.  Best results were blending in dark mode, because of the snow and where I managed to avoid the shadows, which were caused by water dripping from the trees.  She wouldn't have made such elemental mistakes.

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