By Viewpoint

This afternoon

Another heavy snow storm in the afternoon which covered over the paths I’d cleared on Saturday morning.  It looks like it will be with us for a few more days though the forecast is getting warmer but  it’s looking pretty dark and miserable.

A bits and pieces day for me beginning with a serious sort out of my Lightroom catalogue where I’d been storing my edited images from Harris. I’d got myself into a confusing mess.  My only outings were around the garden to feed the birds and to thaw an area in the pond so they could have a drink.  I guess they were pretty desperate yesterday.  I’d originally hoped to go over to Leeds as it was Bobby’s birthday but was pleased I’d decided against it.  There was enough snow in the afternoon to have caused me real problems on our local roads.

Did I say I made flapjack, needs must when you can’t get out. Not a totally isolated day, thank goodness for phones and Messenger.

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