Keith B

By keibr

Outside - Yuk! Inside - Yum!

The beautiful frost and snow, blipped over the last few days, started melting in the middle of the night, as a relatively warm wind arrived from the south. This woke us up because the frost, covering the wall of our house, melted and dripped down outside our window, onto the metal windowsill. Boing it went, boing, ping, pang!!
Despite feeling slightly tired the day started with a yoga session. We had got out of the habit a few weeks back, after consistently doing yoga daily for most of the year. We decided December was time to get going again! Once that was completed we went out for a walk down to our lake, where this picture was taken.
The snow was melting away rapidly, and the lake was covered in puddles, water sitting on top of the ice in a very unattractive way. Drizzle started to fall just before we got to the lake and there was a cold, damp wind blowing. This technically warmer weather felt really cold!!
Home to a warm kitchen. First something to eat and then I returned to the baking I'd started yesterday evening. 32 saffron buns (Lucia buns) eventually emerged from the oven and were duly photographed (extra). I use a basic Swedish recipe from the side of a milk packet, but I add the autolyse process and tang zhon, both learned from working with sourdough baking, though this is a yeasted bread. These additional steps makes the saffron buns a bit of a faff to produce but the end product is so soft it is worth the extra effort.

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