Wood delivery

Not quite the weather one would choose for taking delivery of a pile of wood - which all had to be cleared away into the woodshed, otherwise we couldn't easily get the car out of the garage.

Luckily, we're getting quite slick at that job.  W loads it into a barrow, and tips it out by the woodshed, I stack it.  But it was blimming cold - at one stage W had to give up and go inside to warm up his hands, as he could no longer feel his fingers.  Despite the conditions, it was all done in less than an hour.  At which point it stopped snowing - of course.  

Still wet and miserable.  I've lit the woodburner.

In other news, I've made pleasing progress with the car mat.  But after the exertions of the morning, W wasn't up for an afternoon in his workshop, so no progress to report there.

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