simple moments

By simplemoments



because it’s friday - and sometimes - well, you just need - a bit of red to brighten - things up a bit - when other things are looking dismal - covid numbers in the states - are horrific to say the least - it’s a heartbreaking situation - and because people can’t - seem to take the basic - of precautions we continue - to see spikes in every state - with thousands of human lives lost - on a daily basis

the numbers are so high - i don’t know quite how - to wrap my head around it - while we continue to have - a leader in place - showing no compassion whatsoever - for those who have died (over 276,000 to date) - ‘nor for those who are - fighting on the front lines - inauguration day cannot come soon - enough so we can turn over - a new leaf in this country - and once again make strides - towards experiencing...


happy day.....

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