One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Encounter in the clearing

Came across a semi-domesticated bipedal mammal this afternoon.  It was friendly enough, albeit unpredictable. 
I caught it looking straight at the camera, not seeming particularly alarmed. Shortly after, Luca sneezed and the creature of the forest galloped away. 
It had a strange bump on its back, in the colouring of its species (red and white), with patterns in the fur that looked almost like a bird with raised wings holding a little branch in its beak. 
Zoologist with the most vivid imagination would almost be tempted to find words in the little white spots on the creature's coat. Something about never walking alone. 
Luca and I looked at each other, silently acknowledging the special moment we had been so lucky to just witness. 

Then we headed back to the car. 

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