A moment in time

By Skyegirl

Had surgery late afternoon yesterday, and was finally allowed something to eat around 8pm.  And boy, was I starving!

All appeared to go well, and today has been a day of gentle exercise and physio, together with constant checks on BP, temperature, you know the kind of thing.  Watched a bit of TV and read a bit of my book between other things.  Obviously because of Covid I am allowed no visitors, but mobile phones are great things...... I have bee fortunate to have lots of people caring about me.....

Had a lovely lunch of soup, and sandwiches, and a really great dinner, so nice I have blipped it.  Plaice, with spinach, and a lovely cream sauce with chives, really tasty.... also a cheese plate with grapes, very refreshing.  The food is lovely.

And so the first day is over..... 

Thanks for all the nice comments yesterday, much appreciated 

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