I had a rather interesting meeting tonight with Fife cooncil bods. I found out that they were planning a skatepark build in the park just round the corner from me. It was the local newspaper that were looking for opinion from SkateboardScotland.

After a few back and forth emails with a council worker, we finally got together and had a very positive meeting that could lead from a bland modular design that they had already pencilled to a skater designed quality build about twice as big as the council imagined they could have gotten for the same money.

It's not in the bag, but the bag has certainly been ruffled in a good way.


Oh and in other news, I opened a web shop to present my bunnets that I've been making. It's the culmination of a couple of things that I'm interested in, mainly crocheting and web development and just general tinkering. I just need to get busy to bolster my stock a bit.

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