By Ingleman

Underneath the Birches

My second week volunteering and loving it. Before starting today I took Hollie for a walk, took a cuppa for Mrs I who was resting upstairs, and  after breakfast it was 'off to work we go'. The trust where  I do my stint is in a delightful setting amongst trees with a moated island upon which, allegedly, once stood a 12th century Manor House. It's a bit mucky this time of year, but still it's a fine place do good works! The photo is from the north side looking across the moat, through a stand of wonderful silver birch. It does my mental and physical health a world of good to be ensconced in such surroundings. Met some of the day visitors today. Young people with a range of special needs, it is such a joy to see the pleasure they get from engaging in craft and leisure activities in a peaceful, stress free environment. 

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