By FrankS


A typical late autumn day, cold and misty.   No sign of the sun, so no chance of a pic for Mono Monday with the theme My Shadow, unless I set something  up at home.  I did have a prime candidate a couple of days ago when we were at Inkberrow,  My Shadow with Ducks, I've added it to the extras.  

Anyway today we decided on the riverside walk from the Warwick Road car park to the marina in Stratford. Some art work has been erected on the edge of a construction area, large pictures of different butterflies. It certainly brightened up the bankside.

In other news: a neighbour has dropped off a large cutting from a cheese plant.  She advertised the cuttings on the local neighbourhood app, free of charge as the mother plant is apparently overtaking her flat.  I'll take a pic once we've found a nice pot for it.

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