By DonnaWanna

Tiny Tuesday - Hot Fun Inside In The City

Even at 7am the sun had quite a sting to it!  The latest gerbera on the rooftop garden was looking gorgeous in the heat!  We went for a quick walk around but it was already too hot for comfort.  The only time I ventured out was at lunchtime to take Toto out for a midday twinkle and it was horrendous!!  He ducked into the shadows, did his business and we went back inside, it took me quite a few minutes and a cold water to get over it!

I think we got to 39.3c during the afternoon! After work we went out for a brief walk and it had cooled down a lot but you could feel the heat still radiating from everything!  Tonight at 9.30pm its still 27c but the aircon is blasting and we’ll sleep well after a busy hot day!

Seeing as all I’ve talked about is the weather here are some of the winners of the Weather Photographers of the Year 2020. I think the Tea Hills of Vietnam is my favorite but really they are all fabulous!!  

Thanks to carol_dunham for hosting TT ; o)

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