Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers


I'd say out of all of my steel wool shots this one is the best, and probably because its an interesting location for once, not just a drab skyline with drab people and drab nothingness. Fun in't it.

Today consisted of meeting with James which was excellent, however we were stood up by about 5 billion people in total. (4)

We sat on the beach in a freezing attempt at waiting for night fall but we as predicted, got too cold. So inevitably left, but had to get different buses to the same location in two instances, for fucks sake.

But now we are sober (rare) and watching Derek and listening to music, (not at the same time.) and Just chilling. My James has made a Blip account. He's interesting, similar to me, so if you like my journal you must check his out - Jammy Dodger

I am Feeling better after yesterdays misery. Which is nice.


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