Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers


Recreatting yourself is difficult. I do constantly feel as though someone has squeashed me on the bottom of their shoe, and that with each breath I am crushed somewhat further. Deep, I know.

I am sitting with Sage and we are watching Come Dine With Me, and Wondering whether or not my Ketones will kick in soon. She is my obligated supporter. I love her.

I am quite lonely as of the moment, I have been burying again, wondering where my mind seems to wander to. I have found it to be very cold of late also, which has brought on severe headaches, and in turn, I have taken alot of baths to defrost myself after a day out in Newcastle.

I am bored stiff, Come Dine with Me isn't cutting it for me tonight.

I spent last night at Lauras house smoking endless weed watching shit on TV till she fell asleep in her flatmates bed and I retreated to hers for slumber.

I am knackered. Off for a smoke, talk soon.

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