Restricted Byway

Until today I had never heard of 'restricted byways'. Apparently, they're public pathways on which no mechanical vehicle may be driven (or not without the landowner's permission). You may walk, cycle and ride or lead a horse. They were introduced in 2000 in order, gradually, to phase out other categories of rights of way (such as RUPPs - 'Roads Used as Public Paths'). So now we know!

The paths, in all directions, were in the middle of some desolate Lincolnshire farmland, with nothing to see in any direction except the odd tree in the distance. Quite a dismal sight on a December afternoon. Where are the hills? Where's the sea? Nowhere round here!

We had pulled in to eat some naughty buys from Greggs as our post-shopping lunch. We have actually gone so far as to buy some Christmas cards. Not sure when we'll find the time to write them. They might end up being sent for crimbo 2021 (!) No, not really! We shall rally ourselves anon.

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