By Yorkshirebred

Interesting delay

Supermarket delivery this morning so had to rush to put everything away before it was time to community choir.  Bus was late - driver apologised saying that there was a film crew in town and they kept stopping the traffic.  We sat in a long queue until reaching the bridge, and then could see that Old Main Street was blocked off, and they were turning the Old White Horse Inn into the Green Man Inn.  Got a couple of not very good photos as we passed - we then found out they were filming the next series of Gentlemen Jack, and they had been filming at my old school at Fulneck yesterday. It made us late for choir, but we only missed one song.  Roads still clogged up as we travelled home - noticed Old Main Street had cleared a bit and there were now two old carriages there - hard to get decent photos from a bus! Looking forward to watching the next series.

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