Bare Faced Cheek

This little crew barred my way over the mountain! The ring leader was the central black faced boy who refused to move and stared me out - I thought he might ram (!) the car. In the end I had to beep my horn and proceed up that very small and torturous road in first gear, and no they would not stray from the path! I'm just glad nothing was coming from the other direction.

Himself has taken son#1 to the airport and I did a quick shop in Bantry.It was perishing! The easterly wind is blasting straight up the bay. The market was depleted and all stall holders bundled up against the cold. Nonetheless I bought olives. I hope it warms up slightly for I have a very outdoor weekend ahead. Tomorrow it's rock art day. We are meeting Finola and Robert who are taking us to see the newly discovered rock art in Dereeenaclough. Pictures will be posted. And on Sunday I shall be doing a walk with Bat - where depends on the iciness of the conditions. Have a great weekend.

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