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By Damnonii

Christmas wrapping...

My blip title and my main activity for today gives me the perfect excuse to link to one of my all time favourite Christmas songs.  Forty years old next year and it sounds as fresh as ever.  Those lyrics are perfect for an old romantic like me!  :-))

So yes, the day has been spent mainly wrapping gifts.  Not just Christmas but birthday gifts too for the three family and two friend's birthdays in December.  

My best friend's birthday was 1st Dec but just wrapping her gifts now as we've not been able to see her due to covid restrictions so there was no rush to have the wrapping done by the beginning of the month.  The rest are for David on 16th, our niece Jennifer on Christmas Eve and her mum (D's sister Ele) on Boxing Day.  It's also our friend Carole's (who bred Lola) birthday just after Christmas so have a gift for her form Lola.  I won't tell you how many times I have cursed like a navvy at gently scolded the roll of sellotape this afternoon!

David noticed Lola was swallowing a lot this morning as though something was bothering her throat or she was trying not to be sick.  She also ate lots of grass on her morning walk.  The last time this happened was back in February when the vet diagnosed Kennel cough although we weren't convinced it was.  This time she has also "coughed" a couple of times so we think it might be.  Will have a chat with the vet in the morning.  She's not due her Kennel cough vaccination till February (personally I think it's a complete waste of time and just spreads the infection as dogs shed the vaccine).  Her appetite and energy levels are normal so I suspect the vet will tell us just to keep an eye on her and get back in touch if she gets gunky eyes or a runny nose, as she may need an antibiotic then.

Of course this means no walks with her beloved R (the dogwalker) and pals for three weeks.  She'll be devastated!

No time for photographs today (as seems to be the way just now!) so an emergency Christmas tree blip.  This little tree is in our hall and Lola likes to lie underneath it.  It's very cute.  Now that would have been a more interesting shot than this! 

11 sleeps!!!

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