Strange brew

Several strange brews, in fact, lurking in the dresser. Mostly flavoured vodkas, some of unknown flavour or vintage as the labels fell off the bottles a while ago! The three-year old 'Yule brew' - apricot, orange and anise - sampled recently, is rather nice!

Good to catch up briefly with Jacqui this morning, when she came deliver a card. We stood at opposite ends of the 'yard and chatted until we both got too cold, but Fletch, with no notion of keeping his distance, dashed up the stairs on his little doggie legs to find MrM!

Glanced down the High Street several times during the day, hoping that the long queue outside the Post Office would go down a little, but it didn't! Eventually decided that I had no option but to join it, and four more parcels are now on their way.

Spent the early part of the evening covering the cake(s) with marzipan - the large cake has become four, as it was cut in to quarters, each of which is being treated as a separate cake. Plans to write cards later were abandoned in favour of watching another episode of 'The Valhalla Murders'...

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