I thought the abstract theme today was lines but it's stripes. Much of a muchness I guess.
I was going to zoom in on the boards on this shed but it looked a bit more interesting as is.

My carpets desperately needed cleaning so I spent yesterday moving all the furniture and other bits and pieces out of the way.

With that done, my hair cut and the most of the remaining Christmas presents bought I was starting to relax but Mr isbi went down to the farm this afternoon and rang to say the power was off. 
Turns out it is a fault (probably caused by lightning) on the pole but that didn't stop everything starting to defrost in the freezer. 
So he had to pack it all up into eskies and bring it up here. Most has survived but we'll be eating lots of sausages over the next few days. 
This is the third time since I started blipping that I've had a pile of defrosted frozen meat to deal with :-(
Isn't it Murphy's Law that after living on the farm for 8 months the day we come back to Blackheath the power fails. It's lucky we found it as quickly as we did.

When I finally found a number to ring among all the marketing spiel for the power company they were very helpful and said they would send an emergency crew out this evening. There is much to be thankful for.

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