By JennyOwen

Wavy stripes... not particularly festive ones...

A day of ups and downs.  Brother-in-law Jim's funeral was today, in Larne. I've had chats with Richard during the day, it seems all has gone as well as it could have done, in the Covid context: limited numbers allowed at the service, but enough space for immediate family members, thankfully.  He'll be home Saturday night. 
I'd seen a promising weather forecast and thought that an early outing to one of the gritstone edges just outside Sheffield might provide some good photo options, and a peaceful interlude to start the day too.
So I was out of the house in the 7 a.m. gloom, with the camera.  But it proved to be a misty, overcast start to the day; and not the rolling, photogenic kind of mist either - more a diffuse greyness.
By the time I was on the way back, the sun had come through, however.
Once home, I put on the BBC Radio 4 podcast of Barack Obama reading his recently-published memoir.  Obama writes, and reads, with such fluency and purpose; this dug me out of my rut and I got down to some overdue sorting-out in the house. We still had some boxes, tucked out of the way on the landing, that moved into the house with us in 2015... and that haven't been opened since. Obviously whatever was in them, it wasn't essential items.  I've managed to purge some of it, either for recycling or for the charity shop; the rest will get stored properly in the garage.

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