About to turn

By jMcLean

Mr. Tree and other fun

Mr. Tree, who has a definite list to the south, has made a good snow fort in past years. 

Yesterday's hours of sleet made for a good coating of ice. Every twig is glistening. The birds weren't amused with the icicles covering their (frozen) birdseed, but there was nothing to do but wait til it inched above 32 degrees. Neighbor Kenny saw us chipping away at the driveway and kindly brought over his John Deere to plow us out. He gets a double batch of chocolate brownies. 

Talked with my mom, who sounded a bit blue and muddled, and made it to the post office in the afternoon to mail the Tennessee package. Coming home, the drive was beautiful - dusky blue and peach and evergreen, all overlaid with sparkling silver ice.  

.....I changed out the main after realizing my shadows-on-snow-with-bird pic from this morning might qualify for a stripy abstract (thank you Ingeborg!). So Mr. Tree is now one of the extras.

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