Out and About

By Puffin

Blawith Knott

Luckily Cumbria is still Tier 2 and we can hold "real" orienteering events. This event had been delayed from a previous lockdown and its a good job we held it today because who knows what's going to happen in January.
This shot was taken when I thought I'd better capture a rare glimpse of sun on the fells. Just as well because the last third of my course was in a hail storm .  Warmed up, back in the parking field, helping to push non 4x4s out of the mud.  12,500 steps today 

Son R in Edinburgh had decided a couple of days ago to stay put and have Christmas with his flat mates. Just as well, after the surprise Government curtailing of Christmas get-togethers yesterday. I'm not sure he's allowed out of Scotland because Nicola does not want people bringing the new Covid19 variant back into Scotland from England when they return  At the moment the new variant is in the South and East and my brother in Surrey has become Tier 4.  That will stop him having a dig about the about the high rate in the North West!!

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